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Dry January Survey

A survey conducted by Cocktail Mag on Dry January sought to find out how many French people went without alcoholic beverages in January 2024, and it is clear that Dry January is of less and less interest!

Dry January is running out of steam

In January 2023, 1 in 3 French people over 18 years old would have participated in Dry January, and according to our survey there will only be 1 in 4 French people in 2024!

Indeed, exactly 24,8% of those surveyed answered "yes" to the question: "Did Dry January encourage you not to consume alcohol?", compared to 75,2% of “no”.

The French government does not support

You may already know this, but the french government does not support Dry January and you will understand why...

By wanting to ban alcohol from people's lives for 1 month, Dry January tends to incriminate alcohol in general, to the point of attacking one of the prides of France... it's is his wine. Indeed, no longer consuming wine for 1 month inevitably harms French agriculture, its economy, but also its heritage since let us remember, wine is now part of French cultural heritage.

And what's more, this somewhat paradoxical Dry January fashion completely makes us forget that alcohol also has many virtues...

For example in our article "Red wine would be an excellent medicine" here, a British scientist showed us that red wine drunk in moderation could be beneficial against certain diseases including cancer, diabetes , cardiovascular diseases or even sexual fulfillment!

In our other article "Drinking alcohol makes you feel more beautiful" here, a Grenoble study demonstrated, as its name suggests, that people who consumed alcohol would feel more attractive and therefore more confident, contradicting Dry January on this point.

And yet another example in our article "Soda increases the risk of kidney stones" here, where we mentioned that wine and beer could reduce the risk of kidney stones by 30 to 40%.

In short, enough to put an end to many of the Dry January arguments.

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