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San Francisco
San Francisco: a sweet and fruity cocktail with the air of "sunrise".


For 1 person
3.5 cl vodka
2.5 cl banana liqueur
8 cl orange juice
1 cl grenadine syrup

How to make

Technique: straight to the glass / Glass: highball / Type: long drink (15cl) / Time: 3 mn
  1. Half fill the glass with ice cubes.

  2. Directly pour in the vodka, banana liqueur and orange juice.

  3. Pour the grenadine syrup which will settle at the bottom of the glass.

  4. Decorate with a slice of orange.


The San Francisco cocktail could be part of the sunrises family since it clearly looks like one.

Sweet, fruity, and colorful with its gradient, this is one of the perfect recipes to sip in the middle of summer on a seaside terrace.

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