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Many cocktails are made with a shaker, the role of the latter being to mix and refresh. Here is the professional method for making a cocktail in a shaker.

How to make a cocktail in a shaker?

  1. You must first chill your glass. So fill your glass with ice cubes using ice tongs and swirl them around in your glass using a mixing spoon. Leave like this, you will remove the ice cubes in step 4.

  2. Always using your ice tongs, add ice cubes to the lower base of your shaker (at least 5 ice cubes per glass of cocktail).

  3. In the upper part of your shaker, pour in this order the alcohols, the fruit juices then the syrups. Help yourself with a measuring cup for the quantities.

    If the upper part is too small to hold all your ingredients or if it does not stand upright (especially amateur shakers with stoppers), pour them directly into the large lower base.

  4. It's time to remove the ice cubes from your now well-chilled glass, throw them in a sink, draining your glass well.

  5. Pour the mixture obtained into the base of your shaker which contains the ice cubes and close your shaker.

  6. Shake dynamically for 7-9 seconds.

  7. Remove the top base from your shaker.

  8. If you are using a continental shaker (without a filter built into the cap), apply your ice strainer to the bottom base.

  9. Pour into the glass(es).

  10. Add the decoration, a stick and/or a straw according to each cocktail.

Types of Shakers

There are 3 types of shakers:

  • First of all there is the 3-piece shaker which has a lower base, an upper part with an integrated filter, and a cap at the above this filter. After shaking, all you have to do is remove the cap and pour into the glass since the filter will retain the remaining ice. It is a shaker rather reserved for amateurs.

  • Then there is the Continental Shaker which is simply composed of a lower base and the upper part. No integrated filter, the use of an ice strainer will be essential to filter the ice before pouring the mixture into the glasses. This type of shaker is rather reserved for professionals.

  • Finally there is the Boston Shaker. Just like the continental shaker it is a 2 piece shaker, but the upper part is much larger. Some Boston Shakers have a glass as the upper part, the advantage of these is that after having shaken the cocktail remains in the glass and is directly served to the customer but the disadvantage is that the ice is not filtered and serving like this is not very conventional.

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