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Balalaïka cocktail
Balalaïka cocktail: a very precise version of the kamikaze cocktail.


For 1 person
4 cl vodka
3 cl Cointreau
3 cl lemon juice

How to make

Technique: shaker / Glass: martini / Type: short drink (10cl) / Time: 5 mn
  1. Shake the vodka, Cointreau and lemon juice with ice cubes.

  2. Strain into a martini glass.

  3. Optionally garnish with a zest or a slice of lemon.


The Balalaïka cocktail has the same composition as the Kamikaze cocktail, with the difference that Cointreau is used very precisely in this recipe when the Kamikaze offers you the choice of triple sec.

The Balalaika would have been created according to some by Alain Nevers in Nantes (France), in any case the recipe would have appeared for the first time in 1977 in Jones' Complete Barguide by Stanley Jones.

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