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Coco Loco
Le Coco Loco : un cocktail exotique que vous pouvez servir dans une noix de coco.


For 1 person
1 coconut
3 cl rum
3 cl tequila
3 cl vodka
8 cl coconut milk
5 cl lime juice

How to make

Technique: shaker / Glass: highball or coconut / Type: long drink (22cl) / Time: 10 mn
  1. Dig a hole using a large knife in the coconut to extract the coconut water.

  2. Cut the coconut in 3/4, it will serve you as a glass.

  3. Shake together the rum, tequila, vodka, extracted coconut water, coconut milk and lime juice.

  4. Strain into the coconut.


The Coco Loco cocktail has many recipes, it is made differently in each region of each country, but the recipe that tends to become the most common is the one above.

Note that a coconut contains around 12cl of coconut water, so the recipe above has been adapted to suit this and can therefore be used for 2 people.

Here are other versions:

  • Recipe n°2 (original version): Shake 4 cl of dark rum + 3 cl of coconut milk + 5 cl of pineapple juice in a shaker then pour into a glass.
  • Recipe n°3 (simplified version): Open a coconut 3/4, then pour directly inside (in the coconut water) 4 cl of rum + 4 cl of tequila.

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