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491 cocktail
491 cocktail: a recipe full of flavors and easy to make.


For 1 person
2.5 cl rum
2.5 cl gin
2.5 cl Apricot Brandy
7.5 cl Ginger Beer

How to make

Technique: straight to the glass / Glass: highball / Type: long drink (15cl) / Time: 2 mn
  1. Fill the glass with ice.

  2. Pour all the ingredients directly into the glass, ending with the beer.

  3. Stir with a mixing spoon.

  4. Insert a slice of lime.


The cocktail 491 has no information as to its origin, its common recipe consists of rum, gin and Apricot Brandy in equal doses, all topped with ginger beer . However, it is not uncommon to see this basic recipe modified, some people add syrup to sweeten the cocktail, for example, while others remove the apricot liqueur.

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